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lsblk options ..

I want to see size, mount points and UUIDS ...
How could I do this with lsblk?

NAME   FSTYPE  SIZE UUID                                 MOUNTPOINT
sda             20G                                      
|-sda1 ext4   19.5G 3cb4a563-caec-48b9-8fd1-7d16ce2eb128 /
|-sda2           1K                                      
`-sda5 swap    510M 980399d3-a026-4b0f-bf1e-128e9e5c74e2 [SWAP]
sdb              8G                                      
sdc            100G                                      
sdd              8G                                      
sr0           1024M 

if you want any other information ....
$ lsblk --help

Available columns (for --output):
        NAME  device name
       KNAME  internal kernel device name
     MAJ:MIN  major:minor device number
      FSTYPE  filesystem type
  MOUNTPOINT  where the device is mounted
       LABEL  filesystem LABEL
        UUID  filesystem UUID
    PARTTYPE  partition type UUID
   PARTLABEL  partition LABEL
    PARTUUID  partition UUID
   PARTFLAGS  partition flags
          RA  read-ahead of the device
          RO  read-only device
          RM  removable device
     HOTPLUG  removable or hotplug device (usb, pcmcia, ...)
       MODEL  device identifier
      SERIAL  disk serial number
        SIZE  size of the device
       STATE  state of the device
       OWNER  user name
       GROUP  group name
        MODE  device node permissions
   ALIGNMENT  alignment offset
      MIN-IO  minimum I/O size
      OPT-IO  optimal I/O size
     PHY-SEC  physical sector size
     LOG-SEC  logical sector size
        ROTA  rotational device
       SCHED  I/O scheduler name
     RQ-SIZE  request queue size
        TYPE  device type
    DISC-ALN  discard alignment offset
   DISC-GRAN  discard granularity
    DISC-MAX  discard max bytes
   DISC-ZERO  discard zeroes data
       WSAME  write same max bytes
         WWN  unique storage identifier
        RAND  adds randomness
      PKNAME  internal parent kernel device name
        HCTL  Host:Channel:Target:Lun for SCSI
        TRAN  device transport type
  SUBSYSTEMS  de-duplicated chain of subsystems
         REV  device revision
      VENDOR  device vendor